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Bluestone Tiles

Bluestone Tiles for that unique look.

Bluestone Tiles

Pool with Bluestone Tiles

We supply quality bluestone tiles that will provide you with that unique look. Bluestone tiles and bluestone pavers are a stone tile. Bluestone is a well known stone in Australia which is known as basalt in other parts of the world. Many buildings during our pioneering days were built  from it. Known for it’s hardness and ruggedness it is only natural that it is now used to make bluestone tiles.

For that cool look around spas, swimming pools, patios as well as hallways and kitchens you can’t go far wrong with bluestone.

Bluestone is a basalt, a grey to black volcanic rock usually fine grained, due to rapid cooling of lava on the Earth’s surface. All bluestone tiles are sawn from large boulders and the surface then differently finished as listed. Bluestone offers an excellent hard durable surface offering good scratch and slip resistance. Ideal for all commercial, home, internal and external applications. If you wish for further technical information you can find it by going to the wiki site by clicking on “Bluestone Tiles

Our bluestone tiles come in the following finishes.

We can supply any blue stone floor tile with the following finishes:- Honed, Polished, Flamed and Sandblasted.

“Grit” relates to the fineness of the finish. Diamond polishing pads are used to remove the blade marks from the stone just like sandpaper. Low numbers (50) are coarse, higher numbers (800) are fine. The stone gets darker with finer pads and becomes quite dark and polished with 1500 grit.

For external use you may want to consider Bluestone Pavers which are made thicker than bluestone tiles. Tiles can be used but they require a much firmer base such as concrete.

RMS Traders uses only the highest quality bluestone for our tiles and bluestone pavers, ensuring they will last a lifetime in your home or whatever the environment you decide to use them.

Scroll down below and see our range. You can see examples of use by clicking on the image.

If you need coping tiles to match your tiles you can find them by visiting our “Bluestone Coping Tiles” page.

 Black Basalt.



























 Cat Paw Bluestone













Light Bluestone



Aeres Bluestone

Honed 200 Grit Aeres Bluestone Tile

Click here for prices and sizes.













Whether you are looking for a bluestone tiles for exterior or interior use you can’t go wrong with “Bluestone Tiles” or “bluestone pavers” from RMS Traders.