Want a Beautiful Instant Lawn?

How does one get an instant lawn? Well not so instant but not very long specially one that looks as if it has been there for a while. There are two ways. One is using turf sods that are grown elsewhere then lifted and moved and laid at their new site. The other which is even quicker is by using Synthetic Grass.

Synthetic grass isn’t that all that plastic stuff made to look like grass but doesn’t? Looks too green and artificial. Not any more!Instant Lawn

Synthetic grass for making an instant lawn has come great strides since first introduced. Well it isn’t made out of plastic. It is durable usually made from a polyethylene and polypropylene blend. On top of this manufactures have now introduce their own propriety blends that add extra toughness and springiness to the product. Nowadays it is quite difficult to perceive the difference between natural grass and synthetic grass even when feeling it.

So why an instant lawn made from synthetic grass? The main advantage apart from always looking good is that there is very little maintenance and depending upon the manufacturer you buy it from even less. Often the cost reduction in maintenance over natural grass will often cover the cost of synthetic grass after a few years. When you consider you don’t need a lawn mower, fertilizers and water this can easily be seen as one of the biggest advantages. There is also one other great advantage. Synthetic grass is a green product. This is because  less carbon is vented to the atmosphere because you are not using a lawnmower. Fewer pollutants because of not using fertilizers that end up in our water table and of course the mighty reduction in the use of water. Very scarce at times for us in Australia. What else? Of course, an instant lawn made from synthetic grass always looks good, rain, hail or shine. No brown lawns when those water restrictions are put into force.

But there’s more, what about all that time you spend maintaining your lawn. Time spent better with your family having fun and play. Just think about it.

So you would like to look at some of this instant grass lawn just to see what it’s like and make your own mind up about whether you would like an instant, low maintenance, beautiful looking lawn. You can see a full range by going to our sister website by clicking on “Synthetic Grass