First, what are considered stone pavers? A  stone paver is any stone tile that is 30mm and above because essentially stone pavers are used in areas that there may be heavy use. Pavers can also, because of their thickness, be set onto a sand base. But one should be careful because different paving stone types vary in strength. Considering this, pavers of lower strength should be laid on a concrete base if the area covered is expected to have heavy use. e.g. a driveway.

We supply granite pavers, bluestone pavers, travertine pavers and sandstone pavers in order of strength.  Of course in most cases you are looking for a paver that fits your design and complements the area where you want to lay them. Our specialist are always available to assist you in your selection to fit.

There are other types of paver, one predominant type are concrete pavers. If you want a paver for basically a utilitarian working space then they are probably appropriate. You should be warned though if you want  coloured concrete pavers they do not retain their colours as after a time as they fade especially if subjected to a lot of sun. So they may be a bit cheaper than stone but your beautiful coloured concrete paver may end up being white after a while. This is a reason why many people go for natural stone pavers as stone always maintains its colour.

Please see our selection of paving stones below.

All prices inclusive of GST.

Travertine Stone Pavers.

Tuscan Premium Selection Stone Pavers

From $87.00m2

Tuscan Premium Slection

tuscan standard selection Travertine tiles

From $80.00m2

tuscan standard selection Travertine tiles

Bluestone Stone Pavers.

cat paw honed 50 grit


From $64.00m2

cat paw honed 50 grit bluestone

cat paw honed 200 grit


From $65.00 m2

cat paw honed 200 grit bluestone

Sandstone Stone Pavers.

desert sand sandstone tiles


From $60.00m2

cat paw honed 50 grit bluestone

teakwood sandstone tiles


From $60.00m2

cat paw honed 50 grit bluestone

If you need any more information about stone pavers please give our stone specialists a ring on 03 9748 7788.