Sealing Slate floor Tiles, is it Necessary?

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Does slate tile need to be sealed and does it make a difference to the look. There is lots of advice around about sealing slate but in my opinion you are better off sealing slate Sealing Slate Ffloor TilesYou have just finished laying slate floor tiles so the next thing you will probably think about is sealing slate floor tiles.
than not. I also think that using a slate sealer enhances the look of slate and depending which one you use you can get a dull or shiny finish.

Who do you listen to when the many different types of slate used will give different results you could draw from? The best is listen to the experts and there are no better experts than those at AboutStone. We at AboutStone recommend that you seal your slate floor as this will give your slate and grout the maximum protection, especially if you want to keep the natural look and feel of the slate. Also, sealing slate is important if you want a shiny or matte finish.

Slate tends to have variable absorption rates. Softer slates need more attention with sealants before and after installation than do harder slate tiles. Because slate is a metamorphic rock, starting as a sedimentary rock it has some porosity so sealing slate will keep it from staining. How you go about sealing slate also depends on whether you are going to use it inside or outside.

We recommend a topcoat sealer for indoor surfaces and a penetrating sealer for outdoor use. AboutStone can recommend the best sealer for sealing slate tiles and also the best cleaners for cleaning slate tiles for use in your intended environment.

Now you know basically how to lay and seal slate tiles some thoughts should be given to some ongoing maintenance as far as cleaning slate is required. It not hard to do, so don’t worry.

Natural Stone Tiles has a selection of tile sealers. So if you want to go about sealing slate find what tile sealer is appropriate by visiting our “Tile Sealer” Page.

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