Pool Landscaping For Your Home.

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Pool landscaping is one aspect that many do not take into consideration when deciding to install a swimming pool. Make your pool even more attractive by pool  landscaping with stone tiles. There are just swimming pools and there are swimming pools that become part of your home instead of just an afterthought. You know! One of those standard things that are a hole in the ground surrounded by a bit of pebblecrete. There is more to a pool area than just the pool.

Your pool may be square, round, oval or one of those figure of eight shapes but all can have that extra classy look. How? By adding beautiful swimming pool landscaping. There are many different swimming pool landscaping schemes you can implement. They can range from laying correct pool surrounds in sympathy with your home to creating a waterfall wall that your filter pump outlet feeds. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the tinkle of water while you are sitting next to your pool.

Swimming Pool Landscaping

One of the main areas of pool landscaping is in choosing correct pool surrounds. You can choose from a simple wooden deck but my favourite is using natural stone, specifically natural stone tiles.

Your pool surrounds are one of the most important aspects of your pool landscaping. The pool surrounds can be just as important as the pool and should be in sympathy not only with the pool, but the design of your house and entertaining area. This is why I like using natural stone tiles as they form a link from your house to the pool specifically from your entertainment area or outdoor room.

So what choices do you have?

Wooden decking.

Wood decking can fantastic, doesn’t necessarily cost a lot depending on the timber chosen. Wood decking it is perfect for using around above ground pools as it helps to disguise the pool as they can look quite ugly. Wood goes with any style of home or garden but no matter what type of wood you decide on correct treatment of the wood is necessary to avoid damage from water.

Wood decking deteriorates rapidly if not regularly maintained.

Pool Landscaping With Natural Stone.

Natural stone tiles are one of my favourites for landscaping around a swimming pool. Well, they’re natural and you have a vast range to choose from depending on how much you want to spend. They range from limestone tiles, sandstone tiles, bluestone tiles, granite tiles and even Travertine tiles.  A look that I like is crazy paving which can be laid in any stone. Stone tiles look classic, luxurious, and goes well with any home and depending what stone tile you select can be more affordable than you think.

Other Finishes

There are other swimming pool landscaping finishes that I say ugh! to. They are imitation stone (pebblecrete) or swimming pool landscapingconcrete. I say leave these to swimming pool suppliers who have no style. But it is your choice to choose whatever you think appropriate.

Your pool landscaping adds style to your home if chosen carefully and most definitely adds more value than  less attractive implementations. You choose to make your home interior attractive by choosing the correct decor that suites you. You should do the same with your outdoor decor.

Your home is not only your house but is also the land it sits on and both should be mutually attractive. This is what makes it a complete home. So have a look at our all our pool landscaping tiles and pavers on this site as well as the landscape edging around pool by looking at our coping tiles.

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