Pool Coping Tiles For that Finished Look.

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Pool Coping tilesNo swimming pool looks finished unless it is edged with pool coping tiles. They not only give the pool a finished look, but make your pool look more attractive and also contribute to safety.

Coping around pools also acts as a seal to the pool structure from the surrounds of the pool. It helps to protect the pool such as the wall, from possible water damage.

Swimming pools make use of the surrounding outdoor area and usually has some attractive paving installed. Coping tiles can make your pool stand out especially if it has a contrasting colour.

There are many materials suitable for pool coping but by far the best is natural stone where there are many different pool coping styles to choose from to suit the look of the area. Some popular pool coping tiles and pavers are made from travertine, bluestone or limestone.

Whatever  you choose for your natural stone pool coping you should make sure that it is non slip so swimmers have a firm grip before entering the water or when gripping the sides of the pool. Pool coping also needs be able to stand up to the elements as it is constantly exposed to water and sunlight. Stone pool coping tiles are most resilient to all extremes of weather.

bluestone Pool Coping tiles
Bluestone Pool Coping

Pool coping tiles also come in different edging styles such as straight edged or bullnose tiles.

Aboutstone has several styles and stone types to suit every need. For the best pool coping go to our “Pool Coping Tiles” page.

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As well as finishing off the edge of your pool with pool coping tiles you should look at the whole aspect of your swimming pool environment please read our article on “Pool Landscaping

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