Crazy Paving for paths, driveways and patios.

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Crazy paving for paths is a favourite pavement design that is very popular but is also starting to be widely used for outdoor rooms and patios. Crazy paving involves the use of different styles and techniques to form an attractive layout. The idea is to create a mix of designs to make the crazy paving pavement look nice and attractive.

Crazy paving for paths is quite economic since the style makes use of different pieces of materials and generally made of stone that cannot be used for regular tiles or pavers and even scrap materials could also be used like broken glass. What must be realized is as crazy paving uses materials of irregular shapes it is in the main requires a level surface so that it is easy to walk on.

To the most important aspect of laying crazy paving for paths, is to get a  level surface. The next most important thing is the bedding. Two kinds of bedding can be used for crazy paving. The first bedding style is to bed the crazy paving for paths on the coarse sand this means that each piece of cray paving needs to be laid individually. You need to bed each piece of stone before setting the stone. This means you will have to keep on checking the levels each time you lay down a stone. The bedding would be individually made fit by hollowing or levelling whatever is required.

In cement bedding, you do not set individual bedding. You just lay down one bed of cement and level the entire surface by screening. After that, you can simply set the stones. Since you have already prepared the bed it is easier to set the stones in the crazy paving design you wish.

The crazed paving appearance of a path set with this method perks up the look of the whole area. Many people are now using this style in their garden paths. Crazy paving for paths although originating among the cottage country dwellers in England, is now widely accepted all across the world.

If crazy paving is for a driveway that will carry vehicles, it is normal to lay the crazy paving on a 100mm thick bed of concrete, with movement joints installed exactly as they would in a normal concrete slab. Although crazy paving for paths can be a DIY job, a driveway is probably best done by professionals.

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