Bathroom Tile Ideas Using Slate Tiles.

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bathroom tile ideas - slate tilesWant some bathroom tile ideas? ever thought about using slate tiles? I have and did it. I don’t like porcelain tiles they always looked cold and lifeless to me but the rich textures of slate appealed to me. What a great bathroom tile idea. The unique colors and textures of slate tiles will surely appeal to many homeowners as well. Slate tiles have a warm, rustic appearance due to the fact that slate is a natural stone so varies in color and texture from one tile to the next. This provides a uniqueness in your home that is not repeated anywhere else. This is one of the many great bathroom tiles ideas.

Considering a bathroom is a wet area I had to think about what factors needed to be taken into account when installing slate tiles in this area. Some of the most important factors I needed to consider was selecting the right type of slate tile and how hard is it for cleaning slate.  Fortunately all the slate tile types that can be sourced from “Natural Stone Tiles” fit well into bathroom tiles.

You must select for your bathroom tile a slate tile type which that will accept a moisture and stain resistant sealer. Very important if used in shower stalls and tub surrounds, a type which will not degrade due to constant moisture exposure. The slate tiles provided by “Natural Stone Tiles” are all suitable for this.

Not all slate is acceptable for water exposure applications and sealing so it is important that you source the best suited for this.   Good slate that can be sealed is fine for a shower, but don’t use it on a shower floor. Instead, use a standard white base or if you wish to match the slate to a dark-colored porcelain tile.

Another key to making your bathroom tile idea a successful installation is having a backing underlay or subsurface, that is stable, particularly for floors. Cement sheet is a good backing for natural stone tiling. Your main issue for flooring is not supporting the weight of the slate, but in the amount of deflection, or flex in your floor, especially if it is a wooden floor like mine. This also depends on the spacing of the joists. The wider the spacing of the floor joists the stronger the likelihood  that the floor will flex as it is walked on. For the floor something like Hardiplank compressed sheet 15mm or if 600mm joist spacing 18mm. For walls a product similar to Hardiplank 6mm compressed sheet is sufficient.

Slate tiles are usually installed in bathrooms using wide grout joints. Try 9mm to 12mm for effect. Some slate tiles have subtle variations in tile sizes so using tile spacers is not recommended. Always do a good job cleaning the grout off your tiles as you go along. A microfiber cloth works wonders for this. Keep a damp sponge handy also to work out any grout that may catch in crevices. After the grout is completely set and hardened then seal the tiles and grout all in one go.

bathroom tile ideas slate tiles

The exception to this is if you use a coloured grout. Some of the enhancing type sealers will darken grout or give it a glossy, wet look. If you are concerned about this pre-seal your tiles before you install them. Be careful not to get any sealer on the surfaces of the tile you want the grout and mortar to adhere to. I would suggest you use a penetrating sealer then a surface sealer if you want an enhanced effect on your tiles. It would be best to test a small sample first.

Here is a picture of one of my bathroom tile ideas so you can see what a good effect they make in an otherwise boring bathroom.

There are many more bathroom tile ideas that you may contemplate but I think slate tiles are great.

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