Sandstone Cladding And Sandstone Tiles for Walls.

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Sandstone Cladding
Sandstone Cladding

When thinking about sandstone tiles, you may possibly start about using them for sandstone cladding on walls. Wall cladding can also be achieved using specialized sandstone cladding that look like sandstone bricks.

Sandstone cladding is a thin layer of stone or simulated stone applied to a building or other structure made of a material other than stone or to cover up a not too perfect brick wall. Sandstone cladding is also sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their architectural design. Cladding is also sometimes referred to as a lightweight simulated stone product with a concrete type base. These stone cladding products are often fitted to lightweight substrates to reduce the material cost of construction.

This type of cladding though cheap does not give the preferred appearance that using natural stone cladding gives, especially if you decide on sandstone cladding. One is able to feel the difference as well. A number of ways of adding that “sandstone” appearance, is by using a lightweight substrate that would be made typically of a timber built stud framework, a rainproof barrier, then a fibre cement sheet, expanded metal mesh and a mortar scratch coat, A mortar mix can then be used to adhere the sandstone cladding to the wall. This is a typical example of how stone cladding is applied in Australia.

sandstone claddingWe have many times noticed those magnificent sandstone buildings most of them built in colonial times. Unfortunately it would cost a fortune to build buildings or houses with solid sandstone today. This is where sandstone tiles or sandstone cladding comes to the fore. One can construct a house then using sandstone cladding make it appear like a solidly built sandstone building. If you want a sandstone looking wall then one can also construct a timber wall frame then clad it with sandstone making it appear like a solid wall.

Another way of cladding is called “Stacked Stone Cladding” Stack stone or stacked stone as it is often referred to, is made up of small pieces of random sized stone bonded together laterally using resin. This kind of cladding is in general just used for feature walls. Stacked Stone is a modern natural stone cladding that is just the thing for accenting retaining walls, pillars and water features and can be used internally or externally.

Of course stone cladding comes not only in sandstone but can be obtained in most other types of stone. (slate, bluestone etc) No matter what you select using the genuine stuff and not artificially manufactured synthetic products, is always best for aesthetics and for just looking superior. Our sandstone cladding systems are a superior and cost effect way to have that “stone” look so please click on “Stone Wall Cladding” to view sandstone cladding.

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