Marble Bathroom Tiles Ideas and Marble Subway Tiles.

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hexagon marble bathroom tiles

This article contains everything you need to know about marble bathroom tilesCreating the perfect bathroom can be difficult, there are so many styles, colours and textures to consider, not mentioning the limits and restrictions we encounter, some we can work around and some we have to accept.

Limitations can be annoying and frustrating, especially when you can’t get what you want, however, we are here to tell you that getting marble tiles in your bathroom is not one of those.

Finding affordable and easy to maintain marble tiles.

Marble Tiles have a reputation of sophistication and class, they are known for their natural beauty and “deceptive” price tag. Why the deceptive price tag? When people think marble tiles, they automatically think high costs and maintenance, but this isn’t the case, marble tiles in today’s market are even cheaper than some porcelain tiles from China! It’s just about finding the right place and deal! RMS Traders have Melbourne’s affordable tile prices, starting from as little as $45m2 and the bulk of the range between $65-100m2. The high price is no longer your problem, and neither should the maintenance of marble stone tiles. To maintain marble bathroom tiles you need two simple steps, firstly seal the stone with a penetrating sealer, secondly, clean the tiles with non-acidic cleaners, White king and chlorine-based cleaners are the best.

White marble subway tiles for your bathroom & what patterns and grout you can use.

marble subway tilesWhen it comes to fashion, you’d be surprised how influenced you are by what you see on TV and in magazines, and currently, white marble subway tiles are the fashion! They have been for years, in fact, they never outdate. Subway tiles originated in the New York Subway system in 1904, they were used everywhere and honestly, they were mostly overlooked. In today’s era, they are the inspiration for many artists and have become common bathroom focal point.


When picking the type of marble subway tiles you want you can’t go wrong with Italian white carrara marble subway tiles. White marble subway tiles are new hit sensation, they add sophistication and richness with their soft white background and striking grey and black veins throughout the tile. So make sure you check these out while you can.

carrara marble subway tilesOnce you’ve established what tiles to use, the next step is to decide what pattern and grout you want to incorporate. Before tiling, you can get imaginative with the pattern you choose to lay, or you can stick to the five modern patterns which include a vertical/horizontal stack bond, a brick pattern, two by two or a herringbone. The pattern you pick is crucial as it reflects the type of style and design you like, you may like to keep your pattern very basic and simple, or you may like to have a pattern that stands out. (remember sometimes less is more).

When talking about grouting a subway tile you can get creative with the colour and the gaps. The colour of the grout can ideally be whatever you like, the most common colour is a matching colour, in this circumstance you would use a white coloured grout. This will make the subway tile blend in and create a correspondence between the grout and the subway tile. On the contrary, people have been known to use a dark almost black coloured grout to create a bold outlined striking look. This look will outline each subway tile and will exemplify the pattern more comprehensively. On the other hand, it is also important to consider the gap you have between each tile, the standard is around 1.5mm but some people sometimes stretch it out to 3mm. Conversely, if you do not want a gap you can butt joint these tiles.

How to best use marble tiles in your bathroom.

When it comes to showers, bathroom floors, walls, and vanities there is something you can do right, and that’s adding marble bathroom tiles. Marble bathroom tiles come in a vast variety of styles, colours and textures, allowing marble tiles to fit your style or design. When it comes to designing bathrooms in tiles there are some important elements to consider. Consider implementing a plan. A plan will allow you to stay on track whilst staying within budget. It is important to source your marble tiles within the allowances of your bathroom. Marble bathroom tiles are designed to cater different people’s specifications, for example, Crema Marfil tiles come in four thicknesses, five different sizes, and four different finishes including polished, tumbled, antique and honed. This truly allows the tile to be unique and diverse to furnish your bathroom.

marble bathroom tilesAnother key facet in designing your bathroom in marble is to stay consistent. When designing bathrooms it is important to buy all your material from the same supplier and batch. The trick to doing this is to measure all your requirements and purchase all your marble tiles at the same time, don’t forget to add an additional 10% for cuts, breakages and spares. The worst thing you can do is to under measure, lay your tiles and then when you are short there are no more matching quantities of your tiles from the previous batch, meaning shading and colour discrepancies.

Finally, the most important aspect in buying marble bathroom tiles for your bathroom is making sure you are happy. Choosing the right marble is important, but it is also just important to know what type of marble you are buying. Some types are denser than others and can be cleaned and maintained easier. To ensure you are entirely happy with your decision make sure you ask as many questions as you can.

For the best deals on all marble bathroom tiles or subway tiles and to get professional advice, visit or contact RMS Traders, 6 Nevada court, Hoppers Crossing 3029 (03)9748-7788 or click the link below to shop online.

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