Know your stone before you buy, don’t listen to inexperienced ‘Sales people’

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Know your stone before you buy, don’t listen to inexperienced ‘Sales people’

“Why would I choose natural stone?” He asked me while slowly walking around the showroom.  He looked over to his wife for support and continued “I really like the look and feel of natural products but the salesman at another tile shop told us that natural stone is really risky… and too hard to maintain…”  

Unbelievable.  Who is hiring these people?  Below is a solution to your problems. Happy reading.

Low risk information is no substitute for knowledge of course, however how do you know if you’re being fed ‘safe’ answers rather than truth?  Well let’s take a look at a few myths and see if we can shed some light and clear up a few grey areas.

First of all it is important to know that natural stone is not perfect as it is natural, but neither are manmade substitutes. The advantages of natural stone make it an ideal product for any use.

1) “Travertine looks nice now but it stains too easily…”

No it doesn’t.  Just seal it properly.  Sealing your travertine tiles helps minimize the risks of stains. Stains only occur if you mistreat your stone. A top tip is to always clean up the mess once they occur. Leaving spilt wine on your travertine floors is asking for trouble. However, it’s important to note that this can still be removed with the correct cleaning procedures. If you have a stain or a cleaning concern feel free to call us for our expert advice 03 97487788

2) “Bluestone fades and is hard to clean…”

No it’s not.  Just seal it properly. Sealing your bluestone will reduce its chances of fading; In fact when you think about it, bluestone is stored, manufactured and quarried all in the sun. It chances of fading will depend on how well you maintain it. If it does start to fade, you can simply bring the colour back with an enhancing sealer. But fear not because you won’t need it, just take a look at every footpath in Melbourne CBD… all covered bluestone for years!

Cleaning bluestone is also easy if you have the correct knowledge. There is no one easy method to clean bluestone; however 90% of marks can be removed with a high pressure wash and some chlorine. If you have some rust marks or other potent marks they can also come off, however they implicate a different technique. Rust marks is a common occurrence with bluestone if it is not sealed properly. The treatment of this is very delicate and requires the right product. Please call us for instructions and availability.

3) “Natural Stone in the bathroom gets damaged by soaps & cleaning products…”

No it doesn’t.  Just seal it properly. Using shampoo, conditioners and soaps have no effect on natural stone, once a stone is sealed is extremely hard to penetrate. However, it is important to know what cleaners you are using. When cleaning natural stone you should be using generic cleaners you buy from your local supermarket, such as White King. If you are after an industrial cleaner you need to check the contents of the cleaner, any clean that contains acid will need to be applied very specific  – acid is a last result and should not be used – . Stone that is treated with acidic applications need washed thoroughly.

4) “Maintaining stone is such a pain and you have to keep sealing it and protecting it….”

No you don’t.  Just seal it properly. Maintaining stone can be as simple as you want it to be. I’m a true believer that stone builds character over time and shapes itself into your home. If you want your stone look brand new every day you will have to make sure you take your shoes off at the front door.

5) “My friends Mums friend has stone that they installed themselves and it never looks clean …”

There are many reasons for this. When stone is installed it is important to follow the correct procedures. Taking short cuts can cause concerns and Issues. When installing stone it is important to know what glue can be used, some natural stones are moisture sensitive; using glue that is mixed with water may cause efflorescence to rise to the surface, giving a hazy look. It is also important to seal the stone once is properly installed; sealing a stone will prevent dirt from penetrating the surface allowing it to be cleaned easily. If a stone is unsealed it will much harder to clean depending on the porosity of the stone.

6) “Once I start sealing I have to keep doing is and it’s just too difficult…”

In today’s modern era sealers are guaranteed for 15 years.

7) “Travertine is a soft stone that will scratch and is not good to have with kids and pets…”

Stop this gibberish.  The only product that will truly fulfil the demands of kids, pets, hammer throwing contest etc, is a commercial quality product but unless you have commercial cleaners who frequently clean your home you may want to think twice about it.  When it comes to Travertine general spills will clean up in a reasonable amount of time. However, if you smash a bottle of red on your beautiful travertine floor and then leave it there until you wake up in the morning it will probably leave a mark, but then again so would a timber floor – and a bench-top – and carpet. PS wine is removed by using a chlorine cleaner, AKA White King OR baby powder mixed with mentholated spirits.

Overall, we have had many clients over the years that have installed Travertine throughout their homes and only have great things to say about their decision.  Living areas, kitchen, bathrooms – outdoors – once correctly sealed and armed with a little knowledge you can have a floor that looks amazing and stays amazing until the kids are all grown up and have kids of their own.

8) “Stone is a lot more expensive than regular tiles…”

This is a tricky question as regular tiles and natural stone can both start at $20m2. When it comes to spending money on regular tiles or Natural stone it is important to know the complete costs. Buying cheap tiles can sometimes end up costing you more through installation costs. It is important to consult a professional to gather full knowledge before purchasing.

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