Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Melbourne Home

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When it comes to choosing tiles for your floors, bathrooms or other interior areas, it can be hard to know where to begin. Most people find it easy to make a choice on outdoor pavers, but the choices can be confusing when it comes to the interior.

The trends in Melbourne are ever-changing, so choosing a timeless tile is key when making your choice.  Natural stone tiles can be expensive, however, if you compare them to porcelain or ceramic tiles it is the cheaper option. But it’s long-lasting and exceptionally sturdy.

Before you start— think about the size of your house, the style and what type of tiles will look best. Is it modern? Victorian Era? It’s always best to try and work with the style of your home, not against it when choosing tiles for areas like bathrooms and the floors.

Here are all the things to think about when choosing tiles for your floors, bathrooms or other similar areas in your Melbourne home.

Texture and pattern

<p “>Of course, with choosing a natural stone tile the pattern can be inconsistent due to the natural cuts and imperfections that come with it. It does, however, add a unique and sophisticated look to any room, and should not just be considered for floors and outdoor pavers. Bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of the home can also benefit from having natural stone tiles. They can add character and sophistication to any space. There are many shapes and sizes that RMS offer, making sure that the tile you select fits the style of your entire home.  Natural stone adds something special to current bathroom tile trends in Melbourne like polished tiles and hexagon mosaic tiles.  Glossy tiles will create a sleek, luxurious look and reflect natural light into the space, whereas a matte or natural finish will create an earthy feel.

Room Size

Choosing the right tile for the size of your room is important. For areas like bathrooms where spaces can sometimes be cramped and hard to style, light coloured or neutral tiles will make the space seem larger. Large rooms have the option of dark to light tiles to fill the space.  It is also important that the tiles sizes are suited to the space they are being laid. Where large tiles are great for floors, smaller tiles are normally the go-to for areas like bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.


The colour that you choose for the tiles in your Melbourne home is arguably one of the toughest choices to make.  You need to first consider the feel that you want the room you are tiling to have. Unless there is a splashback or feature area, tiles aren’t normally the focus of the room but can complement other design features. This is especially important for floor tiles, as they would normally cover a large area and give off a vibe for the entire space. For example, in a bathroom, colours that blend well together can achieve a relaxed and restful setting. In Melbourne homes, neutral and earthy tones are increasing in popularity and marble tiles are also have classic appeal. There are also many finishes that can be applied to natural stone, adding unique touches to your tiles.

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