5 Easy Ways To Use Travertine Tiles In Your Home

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Travertine tiles and pavers are one of the most versatile you can use around your home. You might not even know how many different ways you can use these elegant, safe and timeless tiles. Here are 5 different ways that you can use travertine tiles and pavers in your home.


Travertine comes in so many different varieties of colours and seals that there are enough options to be complementary to just about any colour scheme. Used as a bench top or a countertop, travertine tiles can make the perfect addition to your kitchen. Here’s an expert tip: If you are using travertine tiles in an area that is close to a sink or tap, make sure you use the right steps in order to prevent staining and make your travertine last. One of our showroom experts can make sure you have all the right information on sealing and grouting.

Feature wall

The natural stone effect that comes with the installation of travertine tiles and pavers makes for a unique look. This is what makes travertine perfect for a brilliant, striking feature in your home. Travertine tiles and pavers maintain their raw texture over time, making it a stand out in any room.


A really great bonus of adding travertine pavers to your outdoor areas is that they are extremely slip resistant, making them a safe and also attractive option for areas around pools or spas. They’re functional for wet areas, but travertine pavers also have a natural texture that flows well with the watery surface of a pool. Travertine pavers are also a perfect choice for areas away from the pool or spa— alfresco, gardens, courtyards and other outdoor areas work just as well. Choosing a less polished finish can make the stone appear rougher and natural, making it perfect for those outdoor areas.

Indoor Flooring

There’s no denying that travertine tiles on any surface of the home make for a beautiful, unique and textured edition. Not only are travertine tiles extremely sturdy, they also add an aura to the home, making it seem more elegant, similar to if you were to install marble. Travertine tiles are suitable for any surface and any room in the home. They come in a range of colours, styles and cuts meaning that they fit into any plans or designs that you have for your home.

Outdoor Stairs

You may not have considered travertine pavers for your outdoor stairs, but they come with a ton of added benefits. Not only is it a slip and freeze resistant surface, it also remains cool in the heat and glows in the sun, making it perfect for an Australian climate. Forget burnt feet in the warmer months, jump out of the pool and know that you, your family and guests are safe when using your stairs. Handy tip: consider keeping travertine tiles on staircases a less polished tile to help with slippage.

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