Top 4 Bathroom Tile Trends in Melbourne

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Luxurious, homely, calm— whatever you want your bathroom to be, there is a bathroom tile trend to do just that. Bathroom renovations are all the rage in Melbourne, so when it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom, there is no shortage of directions you can take.

Here are our top 4 bathroom tile trends in Melbourne.


Patterned tiles aren’t new to the game when it comes to bathroom tile trends, but they will continue to be popular for some time to come. It’s easy to see the appeal, they add an instant dose of personality and style to any bathroom. When choosing to go with a patterned tile, however, it’s important to consider the size and what they can do to a space like a bathroom. Big tiles make the space seem smaller, and small tiles do the opposite.


Similar to patterned tiles, textured tiles and a subtle touch to your bathroom and make a great choice if you want your bathroom to have a design that won’t go out of style. With the housing styles constantly changing in Melbourne, having a bathroom that won’t be off-putting if you wish to sell later down the track can be important. The latest textured tiles include beautiful handmade styles, natural stone finishes and 3D styles.

3.Nude Neutrals

Neutral colours and the look of natural stone is a huge trend in bathroom tiles, especially in the Melbourne market. Blues, reds and yellows are while still on trend, are on the downward while greys and beiges are on the rise. Not only are they complementary to any bathroom, they also give a unique feel with the natural stone effects. Although you may not think of them for bathroom tiles, they are a trend that we will be seeing in times to come.

4.Matte Finishes

Move over glossy tiles— matte finishes are the new bathroom tile that’s popping up in bathrooms all over Melbourne. This trend gives the feel of a soft beauty that does not overwhelm a space. Matte tiles are also easy to clean and maintain. Unlike glossy tiles, they don’t show water marks or stain too easily, making them ideal for a bathroom tile. Make sure, however, that the room is well lit as matte tiles don’t reflect light and warm up a space as glossy tiles normally would.

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