Travertine Tiles in your Melbourne home

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The kitchen is the centre of the home. It’s where the family and friends gather to eat meals and where we can spend a lot of time.

Kitchen surfaces get every sort of mess on them, so choosing the right kind of tile can not only make the room of your Melbourne home look great, but it can mean your kitchen will look brand new for longer. Travertine tiles are a great addition to a kitchen. They are unique, and they have the strong stone surface that will protect against heat and other potential damages.

Here are some of the best ways to use travertine tiles in your kitchen

Floor Tiles
Floor tiles are often a big decision in the home. Being an easy to clean and maintain surface, travertine tiles are the perfect addition to your kitchen. There are tons to pick from when it comes to natural stone means that you can have a unique design that will match everything else in your home. When the floor tiles are sealed on a regular basis, common kitchen messes like food and liquid won’t leave marks or cause a huge issue.

All it takes to keep travertine tiles in your Melbourne home looking brand new is a weekly clean. Of course, it goes without saying that spills should be cleaned up instantly to keep your floor tiles sparkling clean.

Besides floor tiles, countertops are another really common and effective area to use travertine tiles. Melbourne kitchen trends are rapidly changing, however, travertine is timeless as well as sturdy. Countertops can become the focal point of your kitchen, and your guests will be able to marvel at the natural design of the travertine tile. This kind of tile has the same visual effect as more expensive surfaces like granite and is as easy to maintain as floor tiles.

An easy tip for keeping the countertops in good condition is to wipe it down with a natural stone cleaner.

Backsplashes are very common and on trend in kitchens these days, so why don’t make yours a statement with travertine? A tile is much easier to clean splattered pasta sauce off than a white painted wall. Placed in high mess areas like behind the sink or stove, backsplashes protect the walls from stains and damages while also being a stylish addition to your Melbourne kitchen.

Matching the splashback and countertops for a cohesive look can really bring together a room. Wherever you choose to place travertine tiles in your kitchen, There’s no doubt you’re making a good decision.

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