Three Considerations When Planning Tiles for your Melbourne home

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When it comes to buying bathroom tiles or floor tiles in Melbourne it’s easy to get excited by the tiles themselves, the colour, the cut and how good they’ll look in your new space. But it is equally as important to consider certain factors such as wastage, grout width, foundations and other finer details. We’ve got three of important factors to think about when buying bathroom and floor tiles in Melbourne.


1. Tile Wastage

When laying bathroom tiles or floor tiles in Melbourne it is important to realise that things can go wrong. There might be a variation in tile size, or measurements of your space can be slightly off and of course – tiles can break. This is why it is important to include extra tiles in your order in case something goes wrong. This can be especially important if your space has irregular dimensions or you are using a complex bathroom tiling pattern such as Herringbone. When planning to buy bathroom tiles or floor tiles in Melbourne having a few spare tiles can take the pressure off, and if you do happen to fall slightly short then you know you have a couple more from the same batch to use.

2. Grout Joints between tiles

Different kinds of Melbourne floor tiles can need different grout joints but it can also depend on many more things. For example, if your bathroom floor is perfectly flat then you can probably opt for smooth and narrow grout joints between your Melbourne bathroom tiles, but not every floor is perfect. Grout joint width also depends on the type of bathroom or floor tile you are laying, so make sure to speak to your tiler about which approach is best for your Melbourne tiles and space.

3. Can your current floor be tiled over?

It seems like an obvious question but the truth is that people buying bathroom tiles or floor tiles in Melbourne often overlook this question. Most floor types can be tiled over but it is important to have your tiler review the area and the type of surface. There will be different methods for each surface. For example, installing bathroom tiles or floor tiles over concrete in Melbourne means repairing all cracks and voids so that there is no cracking between your brand new tile floor. Hardwood flooring can also be difficult since it expands and contracts, this is especially a consideration for those planning new bathroom or floor tiles in Melbourne because of our freezing winters and hot summers. In any case, make sure the correct products are used to ensure appropriate adhesion between surfaces and your new bathroom or floor tiles.

So, if you’re deciding on new bathroom tiles or floor tiles in Melbourne make sure you consider these three important elements to ensure you end up with a beautiful, stress-free tiled floor.

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