Add a Sophisticated Touch with our Travertine Pavers to your Melbourne Home

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With the onset of warm Melbourne weather, comes the growing desire to brighten your home and create the living space your winter-self was too cold to achieve. Your home should be as welcoming as the first touch of October sun.  

Affordable and convenient, retiling your home is a quick and sophisticated way to make a dramatic change. There are plenty of nifty ways to give your kitchen or bathroom tiles and pavers a facelift.

Pavers of Melbourne and Geelong now is your time to shine! Combine your skill set and creativity with our carefully delivered, low priced high-quality tiles, and you are well on your way to an easy and effective DIY home facelift.  

Are you looking to make a small room feel spacious? Are your old bathroom tiles staining? Are your pavers looking weathered? It’s time to make some durable, fashionable and most importantly affordable changes.

Accent Kitchen and Bathroom Tile

This season bathroom tile trends in Melbourne are all about lush textures teamed with vivid colours. It will be a waste if you overlook the potential to add accent kitchen or bathroom tiles into your home.

Quickly rising as a kitchen or bathroom tile favorite are our fan-shaped marble tiles. These quirky tiles combine a unique shape with detailed textures and are perfect for a contemporary splashback or feature tile in any Melbourne bathroom or kitchen.







Add Travertine Pavers  

The modern, natural look of travertine pavers compliment most designs and often make small areas look more spacious, homely and stylish. Providing a versatile, earthy palette with the travertine tiles allows you to experiment with seasonal colour schemes as your taste develops.

In more humid environments, like the bathroom or around a pool, it is essential that the tiles or pavers you use will withstand the test of time. Highly durable, travertine pavers allow you to add an airy texture to any space without the hassle of marble upkeep.  

Travertine pavers take a minimal effort to keep clean. If they are sealed correctly, they don’t absorb any moisture or smells. Weatherproof, durable and stylish,  Travertine tiles and pavers are perfect for any Melbourne or Geelong home.

Any Melbourne Paver’s dream, quick DIY jobs like these are super fast, affordable and achievable. Before you buy new tiles or pavers, request a freestone sample to see what will best suit your home or project.

We pride ourselves on being cheap and reliable. Cut out the middleman and speak directly to us. Contact Us online or come to visit us at our Melbourne tiles and pavers showroom.

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