Decorate your house spaces with Travertine!

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With the increasing sunny season, its time to make your house cool and bright. Whether it’s the BBQ evenings or family dinners, a perfect setting creates a perfect memory. Such an engaging space can be created with natural stones and surfaces. It sets the foundation for the interiors of the place. Travertine is an amazing stone that completes the home. It is a type of a limestone that is formed around minerals deposits. Mostly being used as a flooring material, it is typically sold in various earth tone hues in tile form.

Travertine is a popular stone as floor tiles and wall tiles. Not just the kitchens, bathrooms or the living spaces, this stone brightens up even the external areas like the pool side and driveways.

Adding a unique charm to the space, this natural stone is available in different colours like tans, browns, and beige hues. Moreover, the stone can be used in different finishes. The most common being the honed and tumbled finish.

Honed Finish Travertine can be filled or unfilled. By grinding one side of the unfinished stone, a smooth textured honed travertine is obtained. The finish of the honed stone can vary from a dull matte look to a satin shiny finish. When travertine is obtained from the quarry, it naturally has voids. These holes/voids are at times filled for better use. The honed finish travertine is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and pool areas.

Tumbled finish travertine is another popular kind. This stone is made through a process where many pieces of stone are cut to the same size and placed in a rubber coated or plastic barrel. These stones are popular for walk-in showers, tub surrounds, and backsplashes. Travertines are easy to clean and are weatherproof.

With the silver oyster travertine, make an ethereal pool space. Combining the light greys with abundant white/cream tones, this travertine contrasts well with light and dark fittings. It is a premium category of travertine that gives your pool a perfect look.


Classic Light travertine is one of our premium range of honed and filled travertine. This stone assures a high end quality flooring and gives a serene look to the living space.


Give your bathrooms the decent roman look with our Roman Travertine Vein Cut Filled & Honed tiles. These brown coloured tiles brighten up the space and the intricate vein cuts create a unique design for the floor and wall coverings.


Before you buy new tiles, request a freestone sample to see what will best suit your home or project. We pride ourselves on being cheap and reliable. Cut out the middleman and speak directly to us. Contact Us online or come to visit us at our Melbourne tiles and pavers showroom.


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