Three Reasons why Floor Tiles Should be your First Choice for your Melbourne and Geelong Homes

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Whether you are in the process of rebuilding, renovating or are just looking to make a dramatic, lasting change in your Melbourne home, it is time to consider installing floor tiles.

Floor tiles should no longer be reserved for just your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The infinite design, colour, texture and shape options that are on offer for floor tiles makes them the perfect step to transform your living spaces into more contemporary, durable and low maintenance rooms.

Here are some reasons as to why it is time to step away from outdated vinyl flooring and scraggy carpets and to instead, consider tiling your entire home.

  1. Floor Tiles look great, all the time.

Sleek, decorative, matte, glossy, accent coloured or neutral, no matter the direction you go with your tile choice, you can be sure that the new floor look will last you years. Unlike a carpet shade that will likely fade and discolour the more, you step on it tiles are built to last.

Tiles are an excellent way to manipulate the space you are working with. By choosing large cuts and lighter colours you are able to make small spaces feel quite spacious. You can also use light and dark shades to manipulate the light filters in different rooms. Alternatively, small accent tiles can add a point of focus and uniqueness in an otherwise typical living space.

  1. Floor Tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Once floor tiles have been installed they are very easy to maintain and be kept in pristine ‘just been installed’ condition. A simple spot clean or weekly/bi-weekly mop will keep your home looking glossy. The best part about tiles is that they don’t require heavy chemicals to be cleaned. Natural stone tiles like travertine tiles only need warm water, marble tiles and bluestone tiles will be spotless with a few drops of dishwashing detergent.

Floor tiles work well in high moisture areas once sealed and are easier and cheaper to lay than timber floorboards. By protecting them with quality sealant when installing, your floor tiles won’t succumb to water damages or stains, meaning you will save on cleaning and replacing costs.

To preserve the tile and the flooring underneath, every four or so years your tiles will need to be re-grouted, which keeps your tiles waterproof and in place.  

  1. Floor tiles are a durable, limitless option.  

With limitless choices of colours, cuts and floor tile sizes you are able to manipulate space and design any room to match your greatest interior design dreams. When using carpet or floorboards you are stuck to the one texture and pattern per room. With floor tiles, you are able to contrast styles and shapes along the floor and even continue up through the walls in some rooms.

Dreams of a white floor no longer need to be plagued with fears of expensive carpet cleaning costs, shoe bans and worries over stubborn stains when you can subtract carpet for white porcelain or marble tiles.  

There is no need to let go of your textured floor dreams. Look into marble or travertine tiles. Each individual marble tile has a completely unique texture that creates a luxurious palette for every room it features in. Travertine tiles are porous and are typically soft on the foot.

Not sure what tiles you want to put where? Spoilt for choice? At RMS Traders we will give you free tile samples of your choice so you can choose which tiles will best suit your home before committing. Before starting your next Melbourne or Geelong tiling venture, take a walk through our Hoppers Crossing showroom or contact us online. We can help you quote any project and give you the tile advice you need.  

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