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Why always go with the regular greys and whites to style your house. Explore the variety of colours and textures available and give a unique look to your house spaces. Bluestone is a unique option. It is a fine grained sandstone known for its grey-blue colour. But the distinguishing feature about the stone is that it is not always just blue. There are many colour variations like light blue, grey, green, brown, lilac found in this stone. Ancient rivers gave birth to the bluestone. The variety of colours of this stone tell us that the stone was exposed to oxygen during or after its formation. Bluestone is made up of different ingredients like quartz, mica, clays, rock fragments which makes the stone suitable for a variety of spaces in your house. Be it the poolside, or the bathroom or the balcony, bluestone tiles make it all complete.

Australian land is rich in bluestone with Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia being the prominent locations. Some examples of major structures in Victoria that have used bluestone include Princes Bridge, the adjacent Federation Wharf, St Patrick’s Cathedral and Hawthorn Bridge.
The range in colors, layering, and texture is one of bluestone’s best assets. It is because of the distinctive qualities of the stone that it has multiple uses in our houses.

The grains of the bluestone have been tightly cemented together, yielding a strong and durable stone. The durability is the key reason for the stone to be used in areas like poolside, driveway. The stone is not easily impacted by heat, pressure and low maintenance enhances its usage. The natural layering allows the stone to be divided into flat shapes and variations in the thickness provides a range of uses from thin sheets to big blocks. Bluestone is a popular choice for pool coping, stone walls and stair steps. Different finishes of the stone like sawn, honed, bush hammered can be matched with different parts of the house.

The stone can be sawn and very lightly honed to remove any noticeable saw marks. The Premium Cat Paw Sawn Bluestone is one such variety. This is a denser variety of bluestone, having a composition similar to granite. This premium stone has minimal saw marks that gives it a unique colour. It can be used for the poolside, balcony or the backyard.


When the stone surface has a smoother finish and the colour is notably dark, the stone is called Honed. Honed Dark Bluestone 800 Grit is one such variety available. The stone has a fine grain with little cat paws. It is suitable for internal and external floors as well as walls. Style your bathrooms and the poolside with this dark and honed bluestone.



Bush Hammered Bluestone is an additional finish. It differs from the other two finishes as the surface in this case is mechanically hammered to give a heavily pitted finish. The Bush Hammered Bluestone is a truly unique paver. The Bush Hammered effect almost gives a golf ball texture to the paver along with a high level of grip thereby making it one of the safest pavers in today’s market.


Don’t wait and just order your free samples of bluestone to style your house.

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