Indoor or Outdoor, Style it with Granite!

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Granite as a stone has been used for construction purposes since times immemorial. It has never led to disappointment due to its benefits and styling options. With increasing textures and colours available, granite is one of the most functional stones for designing a house. It is known for its durability property. Whether it is the kitchen countertop, the outside wall or the porch area, granite finds a space everywhere.

Granite is a variety of igneous rock and is granular in texture. It is composed of minerals including quartz, mica and feldspar. Depending on the composition of minerals, this stone is available in a variety of colours like gray, white, pink, or black. Granite can be in the countertops, tile floors and stair treads in the houses.

Besides the colours and textures, granite is an easy maintenance stone. Scratching and staining is rare because of the hardness of the material. One can simply clean the granite countertop with a cloth, warm water and dish soap.

Impala Black Flamed: Flamed finish granite is produced when intense flame is fired at the stone, making the surface rough. This texture is preferred for exterior applications where slip resistance is a necessity. Being one of the most unique granites of the collection, Impala Black Flamed is a favourable choice for the walls of the house, garden area and the porch. Since these areas are prone to dampness, the flamed granite is effective for such spaces.


Nero Absoluto Honed & Polished Granite Pavers: A polished granite is a glossy and elegant variety of granite. It is created by grinding the stone using very fine material until a shiny surface is acquired.  This finish allows the granite to showcase its natural colour. On the other hand, the honed granite is not reflexive or shiny. It is a subtle finish. To create a honed granite, coarse material is used instead of fine material and grinding is stopped before the surface becomes shiny. This gives a matte look to the stone. Nero Absoluto Honed & Polished Granite Pavers are renowned for their plain back effect with a spectacular array of sparkles throughout the whole of the tile. The Absoluto is available in either a polished or honed finish. Whether it is the living area or the bathroom, these tiles give a unique look to the space.

Impala Black Velvet: One of the finest granite tiles offered is Impala Black Velvet. Due to its velvet finish, the tiles are highly demanded for styling the living areas of the house. The refreshing sparkling effect is icing on the cake. The coarse structure of the Impala Black Velvet makes it a suitable material for the stair treads.

So whether you are renovating your house or building a new one, try the variety of granite tiles and slabs available at RMS traders. Order a free sample before you finalise the style.


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