The Marble Diaries

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The beauty of marble has evolved since ages. From the wonders of the world, to the luxury hotels, to houses, marble is one of the most widely preferred material in any construction, which not only strengthens the building, but also makes it look beautiful.
Using marble to design a space has its own charm. Whether it’s the living area flooring, the tiles in the master bedroom or the kitchen countertops, marble makes everything look complete. Marble is a metamorphic rock and is composed of calcite (recrystallized carbonate minerals) formed over years.
Marble has a variety of patterns on it as can be seen in the form of veins. The colour of the vein is decided by the metal it gets in touch deep down in the Earth. The stone is available in a variety of colours ranging from white, pink to brown and green. Marble can be available in different finishes making it suitable for varied purposes. Marble is loved by people for decorating interior and exterior spaces alike because of its varied patterns and contrasting veins.

Crema Marfil Honed Marble Tiles:

Honed Finish marble usually involves rubbing of diamond particles to remove certain amount of soil from the stone and giving it a matte, less glossy look. Crema marfil marble tiles are a Spanish stroke of beauty. The light colour of the marble along with its dazzling brown veins give a unique look to the space. The durability of this variety is one of the major factors for its demand for residential and commercial spaces equally. Use this honed marble variety to lighten up your bathroom spaces.

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Bianco Carrara Polished Subway Marble Tiles:

Polished finish of the marble is obtained by a series of processes by the stone polishing machine. The process transforms the rough marble pads to ones with fascinating radiance and mirror like shine. The Polished finish gives an elegant look to the house. The Bianco Carrara Subway Marble Tiles is an offset of the classic Bianco Carrara body tile.  The basic distinction is its subway variation that makes the stone good choice to style a kitchen wall.

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Silver Belinda Brushed Marble Tiles:

A brushed finish marble can be obtained by using steel or hard nylon brushes on the stone. The process of brushing leaves a light textured surface. Silver Belinda marble tiles are a current trend setter. The subtle grey colour with white flecks throughout the stone makes these tiles look graceful. The brushed finish not only gives a textured look but also enhances its grip. This makes the tiles suitable for bathroom areas to avoid slippery tiles.


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Royal Grey Sandblasted Marble Tiles:

Marble can be sandblasted to give it a heavy textured look. The Royal Grey Sandblasted Marble Tiles are dense and robust marble having a black/grey base and attractive white highlights. The texture of this sandblasted marble makes it suitable for external areas and wet areas.

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So just order your favourite sample of marble and experience it before finalising.



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