Pool Coping

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Who would ever want to miss a chance of having a poolside party? A perfect pool is all that you need. Whether it is installing a new pool or just renovating an existing one, we all need to plan. There is the pool water type, the fencing, heating and lighting to be considered. Additionally, there are the finishes of the pool interior and exterior that must be decided. The pool is a place that needs to be complete in both practical and aesthetic sense. This is where Pool Coping is needed.

Pool coping is a term used to identify the material used for capping or edging the swimming pool wall. It is rightly called the pool’s crowning glory that prevents any potential splash behind the pool shell. Coping separates the swimming pool from the adjacent surface area, and also helps to protect the pool structure. It is also provides a visual finish and defines the edge of your pool.

A variety of materials ranging from granite, sandstone, bluestone, travertine to marble are used for pool coping. In order to suit a variety of needs and tastes, pool coping is available in several finishes and profiles.

Depending on the look one prefers, we can have a variety of finishes of pool coping.

Bullnose: This type of coping has one or more edges that are rounded to provide a softer finish.  Bullnose is the finish to go for if you are looking for a traditional, heritage finish. There are also variations on bullnose, including a half bullnose, sloping bullnose and rebated bullnose coping.

Rebated Edging: Rebated Pool Edge tiles are beloved by designers and architects as they create a luxurious and modern look due to their bold and thick appearance.

Square edged: As the name suggests, the edges of this paver are square, which gives a clean look. A popular option for a contemporary feel. There are also variations on square edge coping, including rebated square edge.

Brushed Bluestone Coping Tiles

Sawn cut and honed with a 120 grit pad then brushed to give a more textured surface that resembles an orange peel. Suitable for swimming pools, outdoor and indoor applications. We have Brushed bluestone bullnose and square coping with a 70mm drop.


Desert Sand Sandstone Coping Tiles

How interesting is it to have a barbeque by the poolside. Desert sand sandstone coping tiles are the perfect solution to the problem. This sandstone is the most common and demanded sandstone as it has a classic sand look with mannerisms and variations like no other. Desert Sand comes in a variety of coping sizes and body tiles to match.


Mocha Travertine Coping Tiles

Mocha has an extremely dense surface that allows it to be used for all applications. It has a natural pitted surface with a tumbled edge, ensuring it has that natural look with extra grip. The colour is a mixture of light and dark beige’s with hints of greys, it’s the colour that really blends into its environment.


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