A new definition of Versatility!

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Versatility is the other name for Limestone. No matter the custom home feature you are looking for, limestone will satisfy every need. The limestone kitchen hoods, limestone fireplaces, limestone columns, limestone countertops or the limestone door surrounds, the stone finds a place everywhere. It is a fantastic material that will complement your home’s architectural design. The variety of colours and the stone’s natural beauty gives numerous options to enhance the home decor.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate in the form of the mineral calcite. The stone is commonly formed in clear, warm, shallow marine water. It is usually an organic sedimentary rock that forms from the accumulation of shell and coral debris. Besides durability as the major characteristic of this stone, it is available in a range of colors due to the different impurities that were in the sediment at the time it was formed.

A variety of limestone is available depending upon how the rock is formed, its appearance or its composition. Chalk is a variety of limestone most commonly used for the purposes of home décor. Chalk is a soft limestone with a very fine texture that is usually white or light gray in colour. It is formed mainly from the calcareous shell remains of microscopic marine organisms.

RMS traders brings a wide range of limestone for its customers. Decorate your living space with the natural beauty of limestone. Just order a free sample to see the stone before you make a decision.

Crema Novelda Limestone Pavers:  Crema Novelda is a kind of beige limestone quarried in Spain. Our Crema Novelda Limestone Pavers provide a soft cream look that is so dense you can use anywhere! The Crema Novelda is a stone you can use for any application. This stone is especially good for Wall Cladding, Commercial and residential flooring, Kitchen countertops, Stairs, Fireplaces, Sinks, Building Ornaments, etc. and other design projects.  It’s smooth refined surface with a tumbled edge adds an extra character. Crema Novelda limestone brings warmth and light at a very affordable price that you can’t look past.

Mocha Cream Honed Limestone Pavers:  Mocha Cream is a brand for a variety of Limestone from Portugal. The stone has a beige homogeneous colour and has a distinct parallel vein. When cut in the direction of the vein, the uniform background is highlighted with some shaded areas instead of the vein. Mocha Cream Limestone tiles have a neutral cream colour minimal flecks of movement. This limestone is suitable for both wall and floor applications and can be used for masonry, decoration, internal and external cladding and moderate traffic paving.


Sinai Pearl Brushed & Tumbled Limestone Tiles:  Brushing is a common technique that works well on limestone. Brushing is done using a hard nylon or steel brushes that leaves a lightly textured surface. A brushed tends to be more resilient to marks. Tumbling a stone involves distressing the edges and surface of the stone by vibrating the stone in a bath of sand and grit. Sinai Pearl brushed and tumbled limestone tiles are a warm beige to light grey limestone. Its characteristics make it a versatile and extremely hard stone for internal and external usage.

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The multiple finishes and textures of limestone make it preferred by everyone to style their houses. Time and again, the stone has proved to have various advantages over other stones.



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