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With a wide range of sandstone tiles, we suggest you look into these options before making the designing decisions for your homes.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of sand size grains of mineral, rock or organic material. The sand grains are bound together by cementing material and may contain silt or clay size particles.

It is one of the most common types of rocks and besides being used as a raw material for construction, it is refined into different forms to be used as pavers and tiles in the houses. The non-slip surface makes the stone advantageous for external use. The most common uses of sandstone are paving, pool coping and internal flooring.

Outdoor pavers can be used in several settings to enhance your landscape or the features of your property. Outdoor sandstone pavers are suitable for a variety of external projects, from providing an attractive base for your alfresco area to creating a unique pathway to the backyard.

Having a non-slip surface, the stone is suitable for use around swimming pools. You can pick between bull-nosed and square edges for your ultimate pool coping selection.


Additionally, sandstone is also suitable for indoor use. This paving is suitable for every room of the home, from the bathroom and laundry through to the living areas and even the bedrooms. The stone is an all-rounder in terms of internal flooring.


Belsa Honed Sandstone Tiles

Belsa Honed Sandstone has a colourful wide range of browns and creams that when combined creates a grand display. This sandstone is so unique and versatile it can be used for internal and external applications, as this variety is very dense.


Rainbow Honed Sandstone Tiles

Like a rainbow, the rainbow honed Sandstone tiles have an exuberant mix of colours that are sure to leave you amazed. This exceptional sandstone is the core reason why people buy natural stone; as this look cannot be duplicated with porcelain tiles. These tiles give an exceptional look when used for pool coping.


Himalayan Honed Sandstone Tiles

Design your porch with the Himalayan Honed Sandstone Tiles. These tiles have a smooth finish and displays how these tiles can have a soft colour while not having too many variations. The Himalayan is the lightest sandstone of the lot and has some slight black veins that give it a rich character. This variety is suitable for both internal and external applications.


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