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Set your imagination free and think out of the box before designing your house. Marble, granite, slate tiles, everything has always been used extensively. Try something different and design your spaces with Quartz. It is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen and the variety of compositions define the different types of stone available. It is mostly available in subtle shades like grey, brown, orange. RMS Traders can help you with its variety of options to choose from.

Anthracite Quartz

One of the latest additions to our crazy paving range is the Anthracite quartz. This natural stone is predominantly a medium-dark grey with a white speckle. The surface is slightly rippled, providing extra grip without any ridges. The surface doesn’t let water accumulate and prevents it from becoming slippery. A cement grey grout blends well with the stone but you can also highlight each piece with a lighter colour grout. The characteristics of the stone make it suitable for exterior areas like the gardens and driveways.



Black Anthracite Quartz Filetti

Black Anthracite Quartz Filetti being one of the different stones at the RMS collection is perfect for a garden wall, a terrace wall or a pool side wall. Style the exterior spaces in your house with the unique filetti and make a style statement at the next party.

Myola Quartz Crazy Paving

Design a beautiful barbeque space with the unique Myola Quartz Crazy Paving. It has a blend of grey, brown and earthy colours which is sure to appeal you with its mellow tones set in a crazy pattern. Create beautiful garden paths with matching Myola Quartz stepping stones.


Santos Quartz Crazy Paving

Santos Quartz crazy paving is one of our best South American products, the stone has the soft yellows and browns that no other stone can match, while coming in two thicknesses for either floors or wall. The stone is sure to exquisitely decorate the space and set it apart from the usual spaces.


Don’t wait anymore and just order a free sample to decide what is best for your house.


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