How to get a Luxurious Melbourne Bathroom on a Budget

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Your bathroom is your end of day oasis, place of relaxation and should be styled the way it is in your dreams. Stop putting off renovating your bathroom in fear of spending too much money.

To help you achieve the luxurious bathroom that you have always wanted we compiled a list of small changes that will make a big difference.

There is no need to dip into your savings with these bathroom renovation tips.

Colour Match

A very affordable change that you can make in your bathroom is unifying all of the colours. If your bathroom tiles are already all one colour, continue the colour theme through accessories like your hand and shower towels, the colours of your cabinets and the toothbrush holders.

Small details like changing your soap dispenser can dramatically change the mood of your entire bathroom. Stick to neutral colours like black, white, grey and nude for the overall palette of your bathroom and then pick one accent colour that compliments or contrasts the rest of the room. Up-market bathroom accent colours include baby pink, burnt orange and turquoise.

Floor Tiles Overhaul

It is no secret that natural stone tiles are the most timeless and sophisticated tiling option. The natural finishes of travertine pavers and marble tiles immediately upscale every Melbourne bathroom.

Retiling your bathroom tiles may seem like a large, expensive job but it doesn’t have to be. Large floor tiles will cover lots of space fast and require less maintenance over the years saving you money in the future. Once your dated and cracked tiles are removed, installing new floor bathroom tiles can be a simple job.

Opt for large tiles for your floor tiles as they will make your bathroom seem more up-market and will cut your labour time and spending in half. Applying the matte finish and natural colouring of travertine tiles to your bathroom floor tiles will create a calming and relaxing bathroom atmosphere.

Feature Bathroom Tiles

In contrast to retiling all of your bathroom floor tiles, there is a small tiling trick that can make your entire bathroom feel brand new. Replace one section of your tired bathroom tiles with a feature tile. Whether you opt for a coloured tile or a uniquely cut tile, adding in a feature section will give all of your bathroom tiles a facelift.

You don’t even need to re-tile a whole wall to see a result from feature tiles. Even just retiling the inside of your shower or the splash back area above your sink will do the job. It’s a small job with a huge impact. Another quick way to give your bathroom tiles a big refresh is to re-grout your bathroom walls and floor tiles. With a quick polish and a re-grout, your bathroom will look freshly renovated.

Metal Finishes

If you’re looking for a small way to change your bathroom’s aesthetic upgrade your taps, door handles and towel racks. If you are aiming for a modern Melbourne look try a rose gold or matte black finish on all of your metal bits. Tie your metals in with your accent colours and watch your bathroom evolve.

Still, need some bathroom design inspiration? Chat to one of our bathroom tile specialists. At RMS Traders we are specially trained to help you with all of your tiling needs. Whether it be DIY help, a style guide or just general tiling advice we are happy to help. Visit us at our Hoppers Crossing showroom or contact us today.

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