How to Upgrade Your Driveway Using Natural Stone Pavers

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Your driveway is the first thing you and your guests interact with when you arrive at your house. The importance of how your driveway looks is often overlooked in the initial design and planning of your front yard. 

Installing natural stone pavers in your driveway and around your front yard will drastically increase the value of your property and beautify the overall look of your home. 

A driveway lined with natural stone tiles is a timeless, stylish statement that will not outdate, break or discolour. 

Before you go ahead and resurface your driveway with natural stone tiles and pavers, consider what type of natural stone will best suit the daily wear and tear it will endure. 

Considering your driveway is exposed daily to the heavyweight of your vehicle, the elements and oil leaks, it is important to choose natural stone pavers that are extra durable and are properly treated for the outdoors

While concrete and asphalt will crack, break and need a replacement within 20 years, outdoor natural stone pavers will wear with grace. In the unlikely event there is a major issue with your outdoor natural stone pavers wear and tear, you can replace single pavers instead of having to worry about resurfacing an entire driveway. 

Natural stone tiles promote a natural, organic style for your home and can quickly modernise any space. While natural stone tiles are all incredibly durable when sealed correctly, bluestone always stands out as a favourite never-fail front yard option.

Bluestone Pavers

Outdoor pavers such as bluestone work perfectly for a sturdy driveway. Bluestone pavers are highly durable as it has hard-wearing qualities. Cost-effective and very easy to install, bluestone pavers come in many shapes and sizes and can withstand any harsh weather conditions including the unpredictable weather of Geelong and Melbourne. With the proper sealant and installation, bluestone will also not be affected by the daily wear and tear that a driveway typically endures like weight and oil spills. 

Bluestone pavers can be used to line your driveway, footpath, garden paths and even feature or retainer walls. Using bluestone pavers or other durable outdoor pavers, crazy stone paving is another versatile way to enhance and upgrade your front yard.

Crazy Stone Paving 

Available in almost every type of natural stone you can imagine, crazy stone paving adds a truly unique dimension to any front yard and outdoor space. Mirroring a naturally occurring scattered stone path, crazy stone paving gives you the opportunity to mix colours, shapes, sizes, textures and even stones throughout your outdoor space. 

Used to build a durable driveway, crazy stone paving gives an element of life to your front yard and creates a seamless synergy between footpath, driveway and garden beds. Bluestone crazy stone paving can be used to create dimension and texture between your outdoor walls and floors. Crazy stone paving in any natural stone also always works wonderfully as a feature retaining wall along your driveway and garden beds. 

If you are building or resurfacing your driveway or outdoor space with natural stone pavers and want professional styling and installing advice, be sure to reach out to one of our experienced natural stone tiles and pavers experts by visiting our showroom in either Geelong or Melbourne or contact us today. 

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