Why Natural Stone Tiles are a Sustainable Choice for your Melbourne Home

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In this modern age, the best way to add value to your home and build something that will last is to ensure that the products and practices used are sustainable.  

Sustainability may seem like a mere trend or a hype word, but in reality, it is a lifestyle change that we should all strive to make from the foods we eat to the materials we build our homes from. 

Practising sustainability is about choosing products that are ethically sourced, don’t cause excessive stress to the environment and most importantly are durable and will last a lifetime. 

When it comes to building and renovating, you will save on money, resources and repairs if you choose natural stone tiles. There is no doubt that you have been inundated with salespeople telling you their products are ‘built to last’. 

Realistically not everything can stand the test of time. Often, by the time ‘durable’ materials starts to deteriorate, you will be out of the conveniently timed warranty period and will have to spend lots to replace or restore your home.  

There are countless ancient cities built from marble, limestone and other natural stones that are still standing after enduring hundreds of years of harsh weather conditions and little to no protection. Imagine how well natural stone will last in your home, properly sealed and looked after! 

Natural stone tiles are natures own

Because natural stone tiles are made from a naturally occurring, ethically sourced material you can rest assured that building your home or landscaping a garden won’t damage or stress the environment.  

Natural stone tiles are durable 

Natural stone is often the first choice for any builder, homeowner or landscaper who wants to build something that is stylish and durable. Natural stone tiles like travertine, marble, granite and limestone are as strong as they are beautiful. Incorporating natural stone into the design of your home will make your home timeless. Not only will you never need to replace your tiles from wear, but you will also never want to change the design either. 

Natural stones are recyclable 

Not only is natural stone ethically sourced, but it is also recyclable. If you are renovating or rebuilding and the original site had natural stone, you can use that same stone again in the new design. You can also recycle any stone you no longer want through one of Melbourne’s stone recycling plants. 

Some sustainable natural stone tiles perfect for any Melbourne home 

Granite stones

After diamonds, granite is the hardest natural occurring stone. Pavers and tiles made out of granite stone are excellent for a durable, environmentally friendly hard surface. Granite works well as a driveway stone or for pool coping.

Limestone tiles 

Limestone tiles are a stunning addition to any Melbourne home. Limestone tiles are high-quality, non-slip and of course, long-lasting. Limestone tiles are cost-effective and do not wear easily. Due to its earthy tones, limestone tiles make a great option for outdoor flooring around the pool, or in any light-filled room. 

Travertine pavers 

Made from a porous, soft stone, travertine pavers are incredibly environmentally friendly. Not only is travertine a durable, naturally occurring stone, but it also retains the temperature really well. With travertine pavers in your Melbourne home, you will save on cooling in summer and heating in winter whilst enjoying walking around barefoot on your floor tiles all year long. 

If you want to make smart, sustainable and stylish choices with your home, garden or build contact us to get in touch with a stone specialist from RMS Traders today. 

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