3 Ways to Start Preparing Your Backyard for Summer

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Being stuck indoors throughout the cooler months always seems to leave us daydreaming about one thing… summer by the pool.  If your backyard pool is in need of a facelift we have compiled a list of some DIY natural stone tile renovations that you can do without having to leave your home or call for help.  Replace Wooden Pool Decking  It’s time to replace your damp wooden flooring with natural stone floor tiles around your pool. Natural stone tiles are highly durable and will not fade or damage when exposed to the elements. They also retain cool temperatures which is a big plus during those long hot summer days.  To upgrade your poolside we suggest travertine pavers, limestone tiles or granite pavers.  Build a Feature Wall Is your backyard looking a bit one dimensional?  If you’re looking for a simple way to add some personality into your backyard and poolside then a stone cladding feature wall is the way to go. Simply choose a spot, and stack your stones until your unique masterpiece is finished.  Stone feature walls are also a great backdrop for your outdoor barbeque area.  Upgrade Your Barbeque  Whether you want to build a BBQ using stone cladding or you are just looking to install a barbeque area, natural stone is the way to go.Youtube is filled with DIY tutorials on how to build a BBQ out of natural stone tiles, all you need to do is get the right stones delivered to your door.  With our full tile collection displayed online and no credit cards fees for all online purchases, you can browse our stone from the comfort of your home. We offer next day delivery. 
You can also sample up to 3 tiles for free with free delivery straight to your front door. 
For more home renovation and improvement ideas, paver and tile guides and for the best range of well priced natural stone tiles in Melbourne and Geelong contact us today.

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