Easy At-Home DIY – How To Turn Your Frontyard into a Masterpiece

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Your front yard is the first thing you and your guests interact with when you arrive at your house. Despite being a focal of your front yard, the importance of how your driveway looks can be often overlooked.

A driveway lined with natural stone tiles is a timeless, stylish statement that will not outdate, break or discolour. 

Adding crazy stone paving to your driveway is a unique, creative and durable way to rejuvenate your front yard. 

Available in almost every type of natural stone you can imagine, crazy stone paving adds a truly unique dimension to any front yard and outdoor space. 

Mirroring a naturally occurring scattered stone path, crazy stone paving gives you the opportunity to mix colours, shapes, sizes, textures and even stones throughout your outdoor space. 

Used to build a durable driveway, crazy stone paving gives an element of life to your front yard and creates a seamless synergy between footpath, driveway and garden beds. 

Bluestone crazy stone paving can be used to create dimension and texture between your outdoor walls and floors. Crazy stone paving in any natural stone also always works wonderfully as a feature retaining wall along your driveway and garden beds.  

With our full tile collection displayed online and no credit cards fees for all online purchases, you can browse our stone from the comfort of your home. We offer next day delivery. 

You can also sample up to 3 tiles for free with free delivery straight to your front door. 

For professional styling and installing advice, be sure to contact us today to speak to one of our experienced natural stone tiles and pavers experts online. 

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