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THREE ways to Revamp your Bathroom Tiles, Geelong.

Do feel that your bathroom tiles look as tired as you feel after a long day at work. Well we have good news. The first piece of good news is that the holiday season is fast approaching. The second piece of good news is you now have ample opportunity to give your bathroom tiles a face lift.

And why is this good news? Bathroom tiles in Geelong are a lot more easy, quick and affordable to revamp than you think.

1. Retile with textured feature tiles

Nothing says revamp like a bathroom tile facelift. Feature bathroom tiles are a quick and stylish way to brighten up any space. RMS Traders have several patterns and finishes to play with that will give your bathroom the flare it deserves.

DIY retiling for bathroom tiles Geelong is much more achievable and affordable than you would initially think, especially if it is merely to swap drab tiles with accent tiles. Check out our guide to installing tiles here

2. A proper spring clean

You may not even realise how much your bathroom tiles have lost their shine until you give them a proper clean. With a little bit of elbow grease your clean bathroom tiles can make you feel like you’ve completely renovated. 

It is pretty achievable to make your bathroom tiles shine the way they did when you first installed them. Most bathroom tiles only require a quick warm wet cloth scrub to look shiny and clean. For tougher stains or treated tiles, adding lemon, vinegar or some dishwashing mixture to the warm water can give your bathroom tiles a facelift. Make sure you get in contact with an RMS Trader tile professional or have a quick Google before putting chemicals on your bathroom tiles in Geelong.

3. Re-grout your bathroom tiles Geelong

Another way to make your bathroom tiles look brand new without pulling the existing tiles out of the wall, is to re-grout. The colour grout you use for your bathroom tiles can make a dramatic difference to the overall look of the room. A contrasting grout can create a dynamic contrast and add another layer to the patterns and colours in your bathroom. Alternatively, a well matched grout in a similar colour provides are more subtle appearance.

At RMS Traders we want to do more than just be your natural stone tile provider. You can contact us via the messenger pop up on our website or visit us in our Hopper Crossing showroom. Speak to us before facelifting your bathroom tiles in Geelong and for advice, styling tips and installation help. We can help you quote any project, and give you any tiling or paver advice that you may need. Get in contact today.

Before you start, order some sample tiles from our RMS Traders Free Sample dropdown and map out your designs. This way you can test which bathroom tiles you like most in your home before committing to a single style.