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Guide to Sealing Natural Stone Tiles

Guide to Sealing Natural Stone Tiles The number one question asked in the Natural Stone Industry is – ” Should I seal my Natural Stone? ” . The answer is always YES When it comes to sealing natural stone it is crucial to understand that no two pieces are the same. Some Natural stones are […]

Cleaning Sandstone Pavers or Tiles.

Cleaning sandstone pavers and sandstone tiles is a important aspect of ensuring they continue to look great as they were when first installed. Sandstone varies greatly in porosity and hardness but mainly is soft and porous. Care has to be taken when cleaning sandstone pavers or tiles as they can absorb large quantities of water. […]

Cleaning Slate Tiles Is Important.

Cleaning slate tiles periodically is important. Taking proper care in cleaning slate floors and protecting them prevents damage, extends the life of the floor and will keep it looking great for years to come. This goes for most stone tiles such as bluestone tiles, sandstone tiles and others. Cleaning slate tiles removes sand and dirt […]