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The Truth About Installing Natural Stone Tiles in Your Melbourne and Geelong Homes

You may have heard somewhere along the line that natural stone is hard to manage, is at risk of damage or is an expensive alternative to artificial tiles with no real pay off.  But you couldn’t have been more ill-informed.  Natural stone pavers are durable, timeless and will long outlive the quick savings you may […]

Large Floor Tiles Emerge as a Leading Trend for Melbourne Bathrooms

Trends are forever changing, evolving through different seasons and industry developments. Every now and then, however, trends stick and become more than just a trend and instead become a staple style in Melbourne homes. Transcend the label of ‘trend’ is exactly what large floor tiles have done. Mixing practicality with timeless style, large floor tiles […]

Three Reasons why Floor Tiles Should be your First Choice for your Melbourne and Geelong Homes

Whether you are in the process of rebuilding, renovating or are just looking to make a dramatic, lasting change in your Melbourne home, it is time to consider installing floor tiles. Floor tiles should no longer be reserved for just your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The infinite design, colour, texture and shape options that are […]