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Bathroom Tile Ideas Using Slate Tiles.

Want some bathroom tile ideas? ever thought about using slate tiles? I have and did it. I don’t like porcelain tiles they always looked cold and lifeless to me but the rich textures of slate appealed to me. What a great bathroom tile idea. The unique colors and textures of slate tiles will surely appeal […]

Sealing Slate floor Tiles, is it Necessary?

Does slate tile need to be sealed and does it make a difference to the look. There is lots of advice around about sealing slate but in my opinion you are better off sealing slate You have just finished laying slate floor tiles so the next thing you will probably think about is sealing slate […]

Slate Floor Tiles Will Beautify Your Home.

Slate floor tiles are one of the most versatile coverings and can be used for floor and wall and in almost every aspect of the home. A whole room can be lined with natural slate tiles. You can even cover furniture with it. It looks just beautiful on bars, tables, and countertops. Even home decor […]