Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

RMS Traders is officially Climate Positive! Our staff, travel, product and energy emissions are now being carbon offset. Our company forest will grow every month while we simultaneously finance carbon reduction projects from around the world. 

At RMS Traders we are committed to finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint while maintaining our high product standard and growing as a company both economically and ethically. 

The products we sell are built to last. Our natural stone tiles and pavers have long term durability and thus naturally contribute less to Australia’s landfill crisis as the replacement cycle is minimal, with most natural stone pavers lasting a lifetime. 

Natural stone naturally has a low environmental impact. Natural stones do not release toxic emissions and do not require harmful cleaning products to stay polished. The sealants that we sell and use are low VOC and are made from organic solvents, leaving a low environmental footprint and posing no toxic threat to the people who use them.

Our crates and packaging materials are specifically designed to be reusable as we are committed to running our company with minimal waste. We use off-grid solar power panels for our warehouse power. Our warehouse is a large space and we are proud to be using renewable energy to operate our power instead of using fossil fuel and thus contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. 

RMS Traders do not stock or support the reselling of river pebbles. River pebbles are taken from their natural habitat in rivers and creeks and in doing so the natural landscape of the environment and ecosystem is disrupted for the sake of someone’s driveway. We do not believe this is sustainable or necessary. 

We take our recycling seriously and believe that every business should be required to actively reuse and recycle wherever possible. Our overseas factory recycles water and harvests rainwater which relieves pressure from the local water captures. 

In our current environmental climate, there is an increasing demand for sustainable materials and practices and at RMS Traders we are consistently finding new ways to continue to preserve our world’s ecology.

All of our tiles are ethically sourced and our wholesale prices do not come at a cost to those we are connected with across the globe.  We only do business with companies that adhere to global trade and human rights standards.

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