General Information – Stone Pavers and Tiles.

All of RMS TRADERS natural stone pavers and tiles start from blocks of stone extracted from quarries around the world. Large cutting machines are used to penetrate the mountains to create blocks. These blocks of stone are then conveyed to factories and cut into slabs by water-cooled gang saws. The slabs are then machined to various surface finishes e.g. honed or polished and then cut into various thickness and sizes. Further finishing methods can also be used to produce a variety of unique surfaces and edge finishes e.g. – by using a tumbling machine or creating finishes by hand such as a chipped edge.

All natural stone have a complex geological structure that results in variation between every piece. This gives our natural stone pavers and tiles their own unique individuality – which is not found in manufactured tiles. (e.g. Ceramic) Because of this we work closely with our suppliers and select and display stone in such a way that shows these natural variations. Although we try to limit too much variation, it would be wise to expect some variation when purchasing natural stone, whilst remembering most of these variations are what gives natural stone its beauty. A quick visit to our display centre is the only way to truly appreciate the full subtlety and characteristics of our natural stone.

KEY TIP – Ensure that enough is ordered to fulfil the required area plus an extra surplus for future replacements and contingencies as future batch variations may be significant and not blend in with your existing order. This is also important if you intend to extend the coverage in the future. Consideration should be made whether to order from the same batch for future use. One important thing you should discuss with your stone installer is to distribute the variations and shades across the area being laid. This is to ensure that you distribute evenly and do not get concentrated areas of the same variation that may detract from the overall look.

Most of our stones we provide in a number of finishes. The finish applied will alter the look and shade of each stone type. A stone that has a polished finish will give an enhanced colour, greater intensity and highlight characteristics. Tumbled finishes gives a more toned down or muted look giving more subtlety to the tile. The characteristics of some natural stones have natural blemishes (minor blemishes, fissures, pitting, edge chipping etc) these are natural and not defects in the stone. Resins or cement fillers are commonly used to fill these natural defects and make them virtually invisible.

When stone pavers and tiles are packed for shipment they often contain moisture. This may give a darker look to the stone than that originally viewed, this will eventually disappear as the stone dries out. Also, there may be slight variations in the sizes and thickness’. This can be expected in all types of stone tiles and may be more noticeable between different batches. These variations can be due to the rustic nature or the edge finish of the tiles. It can also be caused to wear and tear of the cutting machine blades during the cutting operation.