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If you’re looking for the best granite pavers we have to offer, you can rely on RMS Traders! Granite tiles and pavers are made from natural stone formed from ocean deposits. This can take centuries to form and be compressed into actual stone. This stone is quarried and cut to size and made to form tiles or pavers. Granite Pavers for use in heavy use areas are cut thicker than for granite tiles. Granite pavers have a natural beauty and high durability with exceptional strength and natural textures. They are great as granite pavers for driveways being a favourite among many homeowners and landscape designers.


Granite pavers for patios and kitchens in Australian homes are perfect. Providing a hard-wearing non-scratch surface (the exact reason granite is used for granite countertops in a lot of kitchen kitchens) and have enough variety and textures to provide that exciting finish.

You will find that granite is a great stone tile flooring product so click on any of the images below to see examples of granite tiles and pavers in use.

So if you need premium granite pavers, call RMS Traders today on (03) 9748 7788!


All our granite tiles and granite pavers are flamed so they give you a great non-slip surface so are ideal for pool surrounds, paths, patios and all indoor or outdoor applications as they are the most hard-wearing of all stones.