Find out how RMS Traders are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic:

Sadly, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges that affect people, businesses and communities across the world, particularly people with limited access to healthcare. We all have a part to play to help our families and communities stay safe. As a family business, with family values, RMS Traders has donated $5,500 to Médecins […]

Symmons Plains Project

In collaboration with award winning architects and interior designers Cumulus Studios, RMS Traders supplied natural stone tiles for The Symmons Plains project.  The Symmons Plains project combines heritage restoration with functional, contemporary design elements that would complement the original heritage architecture. The new lightweight steel, natural stones and glass insertions reflect the heritage simplicity in […]

Introducing ROS: RMS Traders’ New Unique and Exclusive Tile Pattern

At RMS Traders we’re always looking for ways to innovate the natural stone tile industry. While there are countless ways to lay your tiles, let’s be real; they’ve all been done before.  ROS is born from our dream of elongating tile patterns that create less waste are Eco Friendly while maintaining high-class style and durability. […]

Bluestone Elegance Around The World with RMS Traders.

Often overlooked, Bluestone is one of the most unique and underrated natural stones. Adding texture, class and value to your home or build the versatility of bluestone is one of it’s best assets. The distinctive durable style of the stone allows for multiple uses throughout your home or commercial build.  The markings and colours of […]

Quick & Easy Mini Renovations to Do Around Your Home with Natural Stone Tiles

When it comes to home improvement, there is no time like the present. With affordable prices and a fully stocked online showroom, RMS Traders share their favourite quick & easy DIY renovations for around the home.   Tile a Garden Path Nothing says complete backyard like a natural stone tile path leading through your garden. Use […]

4 Ways Natural Stone Tiles Can Enhance Your Backyard

Natural stones increase the value of your home due to their unmatched durability, timelessness and their universal style appeal that is unlikely to ever waver.  Installing natural stone tiles can bring the best out of your outdoor spaces. Natural stones are easy to care for and are energy efficient, things that do not go a […]

Easy At-Home DIY – How To Turn Your Frontyard into a Masterpiece

Your front yard is the first thing you and your guests interact with when you arrive at your house. Despite being a focal of your front yard, the importance of how your driveway looks can be often overlooked. A driveway lined with natural stone tiles is a timeless, stylish statement that will not outdate, break […]

Easy and Sustainable Driveway Makeover

Installing natural stone pavers in your driveway and around your front yard will drastically increase the value of your property and beautify the overall look of your home.  While natural stone tiles are all incredibly durable when sealed correctly, bluestone always stands out as a favourite never-fail front yard option. Bluestone Pavers Outdoor pavers such […]