$15,000 Donated to the Nature Conservancy Australia

In 2021, RMS Traders are proud to be supporting The Nature Conservancy, which works across Australia, including local projects in Victoria. At RMS traders, respecting nature is core to what we do, and we’re honoured to support a charity that is taking on the planet’s biggest, most important environmental challenges. The Nature Conservancy Australia works to protect and conserve our natural habitats by focusing on priorities that science shows are the most urgent. This is now more important than ever to set us on the path to a more hopeful, sustainable future, especially given the impact climate change has had on our natural environment.


The funds RMS Traders have donated to The Nature Conservancy Australia will go to where the need is the greatest, including:

  • Climate change action by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Protecting unique ecosystems through conservation planning
  • Protecting the homes of some of our most threatened native animals in Australia

To find out more about The Nature Conservancy Australia visit their website here.

In addition to the Nature Conservancy, RMS Traders have also donated to other environmental charities in countries where we operate. This includes Cauvery’s Call, which focuses on planting trees in India and Australian Wildlife Conservancy, which protect native wildlife.


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