4 Ways Natural Stone Tiles Can Enhance Your Backyard

Natural stones increase the value of your home due to their unmatched durability, timelessness and their universal style appeal that is unlikely to ever waver. 

Installing natural stone tiles can bring the best out of your outdoor spaces. Natural stones are easy to care for and are energy efficient, things that do not go a miss in a home both indoors and out. 

  1. Install Tiles Around Your Pool
    Not only are natural stones durable and non-slip when sealed correctly, but they also stay cool and even withstand very hot Melbourne and Geelong summer temperatures. For elegant and durable decking around your pool, we suggest travertine pavers, limestone tiles or granite pavers. 
  2. Build A Patio with Floor Tiles
    Installing a patio in your backyard will immediately add dimension and functionality. A patio made up of natural stone tiles will be durable and resistant to weather elements and stains.

Use the patio to store your barbeque and outdoor seating so that you no longer need to tear up your grass to get the most out of your backyard.
Granite, sandstone and bluestone pavers are all great materials to build your patio with. For extra style, turn your natural stone paver of choice into some crazy pavers floor tiles.


  1. Make a Feature Wall with Tiles
    Whether the feature tile and stone wall is an addition to your brand new patio, a tool to draw attention to your pool or merely for a focal feature point in your yard one thing is certain- it is sure to stand out.
  2. Create a Path out of Tiles
    Nothing says complete backyard like a natural stone tile path leading through your garden. Use natural stone tiles to determine the flow of your backyard and pave a way to your pool from your backdoor or to your patio. 

With our full tile collection displayed online and no credit cards fees for all online purchases, you can browse our stone from the comfort of your home. We offer next day delivery. 

You can also sample up to 3 tiles for free with free delivery straight to your front door. For more garden renovation and improvement ideas, paver and tile guides and for the best range of well priced natural stone tiles in Melbourne and Geelong contact us today.


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