Bluestone Elegance Around The World with RMS Traders.

Often overlooked, Bluestone is one of the most unique and underrated natural stones. Adding texture, class and value to your home or build the versatility of bluestone is one of it’s best assets. The distinctive durable style of the stone allows for multiple uses throughout your home or commercial build. 

The markings and colours of bluestone, which range from soft greys to deep blues evolve and build character over time, adding a unique charm to your home, outdoor area or commercial build that can not be replicated. 

From Australia to Europe and Asia, the natural stones found at RMS Traders are imported from the world’s highest quality quarries. Varying all over the world, bluestone yields unique strengths and features whilst being consistently durable and versatile.

Australian Bluestone

Found predominantly in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, Australian land is rich with bluestone. The bluestone quarried in Australia can be used to create pavers for both indoor and outdoor use as the stone naturally offers high slip and scratch resistance. Sophisticated and hardwearing, Australian Bluestone can be used to create feature walls, pavers, wall cladding, water features, driveways, capping stones and a range of other landscaping and architectural purposes.

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European Bluestone

Internationally recognised for its high calibre, European Bluestone is similar in colour and texture to Australian Bluestone. Featuring a sawn or honed surface finish which achieves a very high non-slip level, European Bluestone is extremely thick and perfect for any application.

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Italian Bluestone

Bluestone showcases its beauty and timeless durability throughout Italy, predominantly Tuscany, as the prominent material used for most historical buildings. Many of the oldest and most prestigious building in Italy were built and are maintained using bluestone. Bluestone is still used for both the construction and restoration of these building as it is a durable natural stone that displays strength and elegance. 

The Peperinno Grigio Flamed or Brushed Bluestone is a premium bluestone from Italy that can be found at RMS Traders. This product has a unique finish where it can be used externally and internally whilst still providing high grip. It subtle colouring of greys and blue have made it a long-standing favourite.

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Vietnamese Bluestone

Hoi An Honed Bluestone or Vietnamese bluestone is highly durable and solid and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Hoi An Honed Bluestone is also quite water-resistant, making it an excellent natural stone choice for both indoors and outdoors. Commonly used for countertops, the Hoi An Honed Bluestone is a great option for floor pavers, fountains, around the pool, stairs and window sills.

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The durability of all bluestone variants makes this natural stone a no-fail choice for all home and commercial builds. Resistant to heat, pressure, weather conditions bluestone is low maintenance and will withstand the test of time both in style and durability.  

For professional styling and installing advice, be sure to contact us today to speak to one of our experienced natural stone tiles and pavers experts online or come visit us in one of our showroom locations in Hoppers Crossing and Geelong.


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