NEW PROJECT: Flinders Clifftop House

RMS Traders have collaborated with Williams Group on their latest masterpiece, the Flinders Clifftop House. This large and airy contemporary home overlooks the Bass Strait and is a masterwork of modern design. The property is currently on the market, and the asking price is $30M. The outer façade and external eaves have been constructed of […]

Bluestone Elegance Around The World with RMS Traders.

Often overlooked, Bluestone is one of the most unique and underrated natural stones. Adding texture, class and value to your home or build the versatility of bluestone is one of it’s best assets. The distinctive durable style of the stone allows for multiple uses throughout your home or commercial build.  The markings and colours of […]

What is Bluestone? And What’s The Best Use For It.

Bluestone is fast increasing in popularity, however there is a lot of confusion on what is bluestone. I live in Australia but got an email question from a person residing in the U.S.A. who had looked at our website. She said she was completely confused on what bluestone really was. To begin with, bluestone is […]