Choosing the right tiles for your Pool Area

When it comes to choosing tiles for your pool area, there are an abundance of things to consider. Firstly and probably the most obvious factor is the aesthetic appeal. How do I envision my pool area to look and feel? How do I want my guests to feel when they are using this space? Well while we’re not knocking the fact that this is important, there are a few other key factors to keep in mind at the same time.


An absolute priority when it comes to selecting your tiles is safety. Are they non slip? Ask your tile provider about the finish on your products to ensure the safety of your friends and family when using the pool area.


Do they withstand the hot sun or are they unbearable to walk on in the heat? Are they rough and uncomfortable to walk on? Remember this is a high traffic area so comfort will be key when you are using this space.


Well, this one all comes down to personal preference but as always there is the light vs dark debate.  If opting for lighter colour tiles, it will create the illusion that your pool area is larger, however darker tiles will have the opposite effect although they are ideal for creating a captivating and modern backyard.

Top tip: Ensure you seal your tiles at least once a year as unsealed natural stone will darken as it gets wet.

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