Dark Bathrooms

Evoking a rich, luxurious touch with a bold, charismatic aesthetic, dark rooms are trending, and we now know exactly why. When it comes to upgrading your home there’s nothing quite like getting creative with your bathrooms. Viewed by many as ‘the home retreat’, a bathroom should be a luxe-feeling space for pampering and some serious R&R. Dark spaces have traditionally been viewed as gloomy, however with the right lighting and balance, dark bathrooms can bring a bold aesthetic and make a strong style statement.

Our top tips for creating a moody bathroom:

Get Shady:

Opt for two dark colours which share the same tone, to add depth and achieve a striking effect – you can do effectively this by layering and introducing different elements. The trick here is to get the balance right, to ensure that they work well together.

Play with Pattern:

A great way to do this is by using bold tiles to create a feature wall. The herringbone pattern offers a decorative touch and is a great way to introduce personality into your bathroom. Dark and dramatic tiles work well when combined with a contrasting marble or honed finish benchtop. This will boast a sophisticated and luxurious, high end bathroom that your guests will be sure to envy.


Accessories and bathroom essentials that add drama are perfect for dark spaces, so let your imagination run wild. Perhaps you’re a little less of a risk taker? Opt for simple, original bathroom essentials (bathtub & basin) and spice things up with a feature mirror or bathmat. This is the point where you can add warmth, or coolness by introducing colour. Whichever colour you choose, remember that balance and consistency are key. Finish with gorgeous chrome or matte tapwear and you’ll be in heaven!


If you’re going dark then you absolutely must get the lighting right. Feature lighting in cabinetry adds depth and fills dark spaces that may have otherwise look quite dull. Perhaps you’d like to include some lighting through the tilework also, for that added ambience.

Exceedingly popular especially in those cooler times to provide a cosy sense of warmth, this stylish, new and moody trend will have you feeling sleek and inspired. There’s just something about dark spaces that provides a deep sense of tranquility – Not to mention they make excellent relaxation spaces, don’t you think?


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