Large Floor Tiles Emerge as a Leading Trend for Melbourne Bathrooms

Trends are forever changing, evolving through different seasons and industry developments. Every now and then, however, trends stick and become more than just a trend and instead become a staple style in Melbourne homes.

Transcend the label of ‘trend’ is exactly what large floor tiles have done. Mixing practicality with timeless style, large floor tiles are taking over Melbourne bathrooms for the better.

Elegant, practical and easy to manage, we’ve compiled some reasons for why you should plus size your bathroom tiles in your Melbourne home.

Large floor tiles will class up your bathroom

No matter the size, shape or colour of your bathroom, large bathroom tiles will make your bathroom feel more high-end, even without a big price tag.

While small floor tiles work perfectly in some bathrooms, the increased amount of cut tiles and grout can be too cluttered for other bathrooms. Depending on the natural lighting, shape and layout of the bathroom the disruption of multiple grout lines can have a less relaxing effect on the eyes. Furthermore, the contrast of multiple grout lines can inhibit you from creating a more luxurious looking room.  

The less visual interruption the better, especially for smaller spaces. Large floor tiles can make any Melbourne bathroom appear far bigger than it is. This works on larger bathrooms too, making the room feel roomier and elegant.

Large bathroom tiles are quick and cheap to install

Large floor tiles are ideal for covering lots of space at once, meaning they take far less time to install than smaller tiles. As they are larger and cover more ground, these bathroom tiles will require far less cutting, will be less fiddly to place and will require far less grouting efforts. These time-saving factors equate to less money spent on installation which is a massive win for anyone renovating their bathroom tiles in Melbourne.

Large bathroom floor tiles are easy to maintain

It’s simple math. Larger tiles mean less grout and that means far less annoying grout maintenance. Fewer grout lines mean less chance for mould and mildew to build up and an overall lower chance of your bathroom tiles looking tired or dated.

As these bathroom floor tiles will each take up a larger amount of space making each tile easier to keep clean. Furthermore, larger floor tiles mean that if a floor tile were to break or you were to accidentally spill toxins that cause discolouration, you would only need to replace one or two tiles instead of many more thus buying and installing replacements will be cheaper.

Large bathroom floor tiles are quickly becoming a staple of any Melbourne home. To really use this trend to your bathrooms advantage try different styling ideas to maximise your space. Contrast large floor tiles with smaller wall tiles to play around with textures and sizes or match large floor tiles with large bathroom wall tiles to truly maximise the size of your bathroom.

Stylish, luxurious and above all practical, large bathroom floor tiles are the perfect style choice for any Melbourne bathroom. Our natural stone tiles selection at RMS Traders are durable and elegant and will enhance your Melbourne bathroom with timeless style. 

Browse RMS Traders’ large selection of natural stone tiles at our Hoppers Crossing Showroom or simply select your three free sample tiles from our pop up menu. For expert advice on natural stone tiles and pavers, contact us today.


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