NEW PROJECT: Flinders Clifftop House

RMS Traders have collaborated with Williams Group on their latest masterpiece, the Flinders Clifftop House. This large and airy contemporary home overlooks the Bass Strait and is a masterwork of modern design. The property is currently on the market, and the asking price is $30M.

The outer façade and external eaves have been constructed of Blackbutt hardwood, and the curves of the houses’ construction perfectly compliment the waves of Bass Strait. RMS Traders supplied the stone for the project, focussing on Premium Bluestone Tumbled Cobblestones.

The Tumbled Cobblestones perfectly complements the sophisticated design and curves of the house, especially the long and winding driveways. These cobblestones have a beautiful blue-grey tinge and add a touch of old-world elegance while still being a thoroughly modern addition.

You can shop our Premium Bluestone Tumbled Cobblestones here:



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