The Truth About Installing Natural Stone Tiles in Your Melbourne and Geelong Homes

You may have heard somewhere along the line that natural stone is hard to manage, is at risk of damage or is an expensive alternative to artificial tiles with no real pay off. 

But you couldn’t have been more ill-informed. 

Natural stone pavers are durable, timeless and will long outlive the quick savings you may make on a cheaper alternative. 

Just like processed food fills you up but is bad for your health, artificial tiles look good at the start, but not when you need to replace them in a few years time due to cracks and discolouration. 

While natural stone is not perfect, it is natural. And there are many advantages that come with purchasing natural products to install in your home. 

A natural stone floor is a floor of tiles that is is easy to maintain, safe to clean and will wear well. Natural stone floors and walls will actually add value to your property due to their timeless nature. 

Natural stone is not only timeless in style and appeal but timeless in strength and durability. So many of the worlds ancient wonders are natural stone, and that is not a coincidence. 

A proper sealant will protect all of your natural stone floor tiles from unnecessary damage. There is a common misconception that travertine tiles are difficult to maintain and are easily ruined, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Given they are installed correctly, travertine pavers require next to no maintenance. Stains on pavers only occur if the stone has been mistreated, unsealed or if the stain has been left to sit for an extended period of time. 

Household products like shampoo, soap and wine will have no effect on any of the natural stone you may have installed if cleaned once spilt. Sealed stone is very difficult to penetrate so there is no need to worry about every day spillage and living freely in your home. 

Bluestone, amongst other natural stone tiles, are all stored, manufactured and quarried in the sun. While there is a myth that bluestone fades, the truth is that if maintained correctly there is little to no chance of your bluestone ageing ungracefully. 

While natural stone still may seem to be the pricier option when initially building or renovating your home, it will actually save you costs in many unexpected ways. 

Natural stone pavers like travertine stay naturally cool in warm weather, so your floor tiles act as a no-energy aircon which is a very welcomed thing to have in a Melbourne home during summer. While you save on energy bills, you can walk indoors and out without having to worry about shoes! 

Natural stone builds character over time and shapes itself into your home.  Cheap tiles will always cost you more in repairs, replacements and a will leave daggy look when there is a shift in style. 

If you want advice on installing natural stone pavers in your Melbourne or Geelong homes contact RMS Traders now or visit us at one of our RMS Traders showrooms in Hoppers Crossing and Mount Duneed. 


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