Use Natural Stone to Add Value to Your Backyard

We all want to spend more time outside, but what are we actually doing about it? It’s important that your backyard is as inviting and relaxing as your living room. 

Whether your yard is in need of a new entertainment area or just a refresh on the landscape so that you and your family can soak up some vitamin D, natural stone will turn your garden from yard to haven. 

The same way natural stone tiles add value to your home from the inside, natural stone can add even more value from being installed outside, too. Natural stone tiles are easy to maintain, safe to clean, durable, and will not go out of style.

There are many ways to incorporate natural stone in your backyard to maximise your garden and add value to your home. 

Stone Feature Wall 

A natural stone feature wall in your backyard is the perfect way to add dimension to your entertainment area, pool or garden. An outdoor stone wall will refresh your garden and add visual and materialistic value to your home. 

The organic stacked nature of Stone Wall Cladding makes for a unique feature piece no matter what the stone is used for. Use Stone Wall Cladding to build an outdoor pizza oven that will impress your family and guests for years to come- and not just because of the tasty, wood fire pizzas. 

Create a focal piece for your pool with a stone water feature, or build a stunning backdrop for your outdoor dining area using hand placed, uniquely built, timeless Stone Wall Cladding to add value to your backyard and create a visual oasis. 

Natural Stone Tile Floors 

Is your first thought of floor tiles on a sunny day ‘hot hot hot’?

If you have always wanted the style and durability of tiles in your outdoor living area you will be relieved to know that natural stone tiles are the answer to all of your landscaping prayers. 

Natural stones like travertine and limestone are light coloured and naturally retain a cool temperature, so no more burnt feet! Travertine is a very soft stone that feels great to walk on barefoot all year round. 

The natural pattern variations of and travertine tiles will add texture and style to your backyard, while the varying dark and neutral colour palette of limestone tiles gives you the opportunity to add a new colour into your garden.  

When installed and sealed correctly, all-natural stone tiles can withstand any temperature, UV exposure and are extremely durable against cracks and breaks. Natural stone tiles can be finished with ‘no slip’ sealants, making them a perfect and safe option for around the pool.

If you’re looking to add value, texture and timeless style to your backyard then natural stone tiles and pavers are a must. 

If you need advice on installing natural stone pavers in your Melbourne or Geelong homes contact RMS Traders now or visit us at one of our RMS Traders showrooms in Hoppers Crossing and Mount Duneed.


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