What is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is also known as pool edging or pool edge pavers, it is the cap or edging that goes around the top rim of a swimming pool. This is essential for pools as it protects not only the structure but those who enter and exit the pool.

The rounded or smooth edges of pool coping protects swimmer’s hands and legs from being cut and allows a place for rest in between swims. As this protective barrier is also a non-slippery surface it reduces the chances of accidents occurring around the pool area. Furthermore, pool coping prevents water from getting behind the pool shell meaning that the risk of serious damage occurring is reduced greatly.

Whilst it is a protective measure for both the pool shell and those using the pool, coping is also considered a statement piece to help spice up your pool area and something that you can have a little fun with. If you’re in need of an expert eye to assist with selecting your perfect coping, we will work with you to recommend some great options for your special space ensuring your pool is in perfect shape for you and your guests.


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